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Hello, friends! I hope this story reaches you well and that God touch you in the depths of your heart. All we need to do is open them and our world CHANGES! Blessings, Pat.

February 22, 2009



my name is Patrick Duffy, Jr. I am a native to Cincinnati, Ohio

most significant transformative experience occurred on the Streets of
Sao Paulo, Brazil. Those were the years when violence and systematic
assassinations of street children was at a peak. The goal of life
during that period was to live in the midst of the poor, to walk with
them and share their life.

good works consisted of going out to visit the kids on the Streets:
to lose time with them, to build trust, friendships and simply
listen. Over time, we were able to offer a few alternative activities
to life on the streets.

day, a little boy named, Ricardo (who was a ¨marked¨ kid due
to his terrible reputations on the streets) simply disappeared.
Reflecting on that experience changed me deeply. I came to the
conclusion that I was going to dedicate my life to working for the
Gospel of Justice.

I leant from those years in Brazil is that: ¨
Justice is
always going to be harder not only because it is long-term, but also
because a true awareness of justice leads to ongoing conversion and
many times an awareness of the relationship between our wealth and
other's poverty. It is hard to own that and also to move to change
that. Many times charity does not call for a change in our
lifestyle. Often a commitment to justice eventually does call
for that change.¨ (this is a quote and I don´t remember
where I got it from)

present work in Nicaragua is teaching Scripture to Youth at Risk and
seeking to build a small Christian community, rooted in the
Spirituality of Brother Charles de Foucauld.

most important relationships today are with God and my family.
Nicaragua is now my home, where I live here with my wife, Damarys and
son, Christopher.

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