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Hello, friends! I hope this story reaches you well and that God touch you in the depths of your heart. All we need to do is open them and our world CHANGES! Blessings, Pat.

July 03, 2008

Preparing for a Retreat with Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos

Greetings to all!

Right now I am preparing for a Retreat with the organization who cares for over 350 kids and teenagers. Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (Our Little Brothers and Sisters).

The orphanage here and the organizatioin was founded by a Priest named Fr. Bill Wasson over 50 years ago. They are an impressive group and most of the directors come for the Orphange and are in charge of carrying on the Mission of Fr. Wasson. They have orphanages in many different countries of Latin America.

They have asked me to assist them in the area of Faith Formation and Scripture and this has brought me great joy, and allot of work. It is a small world and an amazing connection for me, because it touches at the heart of what my vocational journey led me into since my first days in Sao Paulo Brazil: the world of abandoned children, working kids, street kids and orphans. I have always felt that these kids were as if they were my own. My family is growing! Christopher and Damarys have visited this Organization with me several times. It is now part of our family mission to visit them once a month. During the week I am visiting and organizing Scripture Study in few of their half-way houses here in Managua.

It is an honor for me to be part of this group and to share with them some of my experience and reflections after my 15 years of working in the area of children at risk in four different countries. I feel blessed to be assisting them on an upcoming Retreat this week. We are going to reflect on the life and mission of Fr. Wasson and take some time to stop, reflect and pray with the Sermon on the Mountain. Please keep us in your prayers this coming weekend.

To conclude, in a few words, in spite of the tremendous poverty here in Nicaragua and the very difficult economic situation there exists in this world good human beings, followers of Jesus of Nazareth, who desire to strive, work and to give their lives to share the Good News and make this world a little more human place to live and where it is easier to love one another.

You, my friends and family, who are a part of this Partners in Mission Nicaragua effort should feel good, because you too have become a part of the work of building up the Kingdom of Go and serving the poor.

May God Bless you this day,

Peace and all the best,

Pat Duffy, Jr.